Welcome to the blog of TCGIRL, born and raised in Denver, CO. You might be wondering what exactly is a TCGIRL??… Well, long story short or short story long depending on who is reading. I have always been extremely into fashion and how I presented myself in public. Putting outfits together and slaying is truly a hobby I enjoy.

During my undergraduate studies of Business at Colorado State University (Go RAMs!) I knew I had to obtain a career where I could make money, and being happy with my career was least at the forefront, I just knew I needed to get the bag and live a lavish lifestyle. During school, I was so focused on getting into the school of business and maintaining my grades that thinking of a possible career skipped my mind.  Toward the end of my undergraduate studies I had to quickly think about what I was going to do so I thought about pharmacy school and that added more classes plus another major—LOL after Chem and Bio labs and longer nights I was exhausted and was just ready to be done with school; so out with pharmacy school!

The next best thing was landing a career in healthcare. After graduating May 2010, I started my first job at a hospital that at the time I did not realize was top 10 in the nation. God was really guiding my steps and I was just strolling. After my first year working at the hospital, I knew I wanted to move up and that I needed to go back to school, so that’s exactly what I did…I enrolled at Regis University and obtained my master’s degree in Business Administration with an emphasis in Health Systems Management. After 5 years in healthcare, I wanted more and that more was to be involved in fashion, something that I have always had a passion for.  So I embarked on a new path while still holding a full-time job. I created an online boutique after countless nights of studying vendors, registering a business and creating a website (Girl Boss right?). I had the best fashion, Jewelry, handbags you name it; however, the online boutiques became cliche and every other boutique had scammed customers and sold that cheap fabrics from China so how was I really going to stand apart? It was a lot of work and I did not think it would be easy but I went into it thinking I was just going to blow up.  I was not prepared to put in so much hard work as I thought the hardest part was over. It was too much being in a stressful position at work while also making time to run an online boutique solo. That means keeping the site updated, creating marketing content, dealing with customers, shipping out orders and keeping up with the hottest vendors. It was truly overwhelming so I gave it a break and started selling on Poshmark. I started to get so much traffic on Poshmark and became so big (if you are familiar with Poshmark then you know what I mean when I tell you I was so big I became a “Suggested User” after a few months of being on the site). If you are wondering my username it’s TCGIRL (Shameless plug).

So here we are, back to the name TCGIRL, it came from my online boutique which was The Collection because I had everything a girl/woman would want. Even though I took the site down, I became TCGIRL, The Collection Girl. I consider myself the whole package…Educated Woman, Career driven, homeowner, Traveler, Strong faith, well dressed and sometimes well behaved the list can go on (LOL is this a dating site??) 😉 So when I left the boutique, TCGIRL stuck with me and is something any female can relate to.

I am still at the hospital, 8 years in and realize I enjoy my career in healthcare, while still yearning the fashionable and creative things in life. Welcome to my blog. You will get a glimpse of my lifestyle and things I enjoy.

Thanks for stopping by.

TCGIRL, corporate fashionista ♥︎

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