Birdcall Restaurant: Soft Opening Day

Today we were invited to Birdcalls soft opening day. Birdcall is located in the heart of Five Points where Tom’s Home Cookin’ operated for nearly two decades.  Time for a quick history lesson for those who are not familiar with Five Points. Five Points is one of Denver, Colorado’s oldest neighborhoods.  Five Points came to historical prominence from the 1860s through the 1950s.

Five Points was known as the “Harlem of the West”. From the 1920s to the 1950s the community thrived with a rich mix of business and commerce along the Welton Corridor offering the neighborhood butcher, real estate companies, drug stores, religious organizations, tailors, restaurants, barbers and many other main street services. Welton Street was also home to over fifty bars and clubs, where jazz musicians such as Billie Holiday, Duke Ellington, Miles Davis, Nat King Cole, Count Basie, Dizzy Gillespie and others performed. Black performers that other hotels in Denver would not accommodate stayed at the Rossonian Hotel, built in 1912, and performed there, making it a famous music venue. Check it out when you visit Birdcall.

The Five Points community suffered from the late 1950s through the late 1990s because of drugs, crime, and urban flight. Many properties were abandoned, the local economy became somewhat irrelevant and the larger market found local business conditions unappealing. Attempts at redevelopment were made but there were many hindrances to reinvestment. The district became a no-man’s land in need of a larger vision and a new generation of leadership. (,_Denver)

Times are changing and it is nice to see a rose grow from the concrete. Birdcall plans to open Friday 7/21/2017 and I can tell you they are already making a name for themselves and bringing a form of modern art back to the neighborhood.

I am a fan of all forms of art, so I definitely appreciated walking up to the restaurant with fresh artwork throughout the building. It immediately sets the tone for good, chill vibes.


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The next thing I enjoyed and recognized is that it was relatively staff free, which made it convenient and self-sufficient for customers.  You may be thinking, “relatively staff free, how??”…well with the new ages of technology, it came to me as no surprise they had kiosks where you place your order, with the ability to customize any order. Birdcall takes credit/debit cards and cash.  The menu was excellent and they serve 100% Organic & Natural chicken sourced from Colorado Native foods. You can order the chicken fried or grilled. I overheard someone say the chicken tastes better than chic-fil-la; if I hadn’t tried it for myself I’d say it was blasphemy, however, I’ll let you be the judge 🙂  There were amazing looking salads and typically when I go out to eat I skip the salad, but here I was excited for my tastebuds to meet the Chop Salad. This salad includes romaine lettuce, diced cucumber, diced tomato ( I opted-out), shredded cheese, diced egg, bacon crumbles and blue cheese vinaigrette $6.95. I also added crispy chicken which was an upcharge; however, this was a filling salad and worth every penny!




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After we placed our orders we shortly waited for our orders to be prepared. When you order on the kiosks you enter your phone number so once your order is completed you will get a text thanking you for your order and once your order is ready you will receive a text informing you that your order is ready.  Instead of waiting for the text I was mostly interested in their “wall of orders.” You can see your name on the screen and it will inform you your estimated wait time and once your order is up, it is placed in a bay for you to pick it up. This place is so technology savvy and I am here for it!



Once we picked up our food we enjoyed the beautiful patio and enjoyed the relaxed sounds of Bob Marley. The ambiance was everything. Family friendly and a great atmosphere for every day of the week. I took a few shots of the surrounding area, but there’s nothing like checking it out for yourself.


We finished it up with delectable milk shakes. I enjoyed oreo and Anthony selected the delicious banana cream pie shake. They also had vanilla, chocolate, and red velvet. Best believe I will be returning and when I do a red velvet shake is in order. Hope to see you there and best of luck to Birdcall and their success. Thanks Birdcall for the invite!

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